Dedicated to web 2.0 communication, ElioBlog develops communication strategies with the blogosphere and social networks.

Blogosphere training. To have a better understanding on how to deal with this new media

Social network presence :

  • Creation and animation of Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Groups and followers recruitment

The e-PR :

  • Mapping : identify the most accurate blogs
  • Sending customized information
  • Sending invitation to specific events

Blogs creation and animation :

  • For an event or permanent
  • Community management or community manager training

Sponsoring blogs/ posts :

  • For product & service tests

How to measure the e-Reputation. Following an action plan, Eliotrope provides:

  • The number of posts
  • The nature of posts
  • The tone
  • The advertisement equivalence

Apart of the strategy plan, to monitor your e-Reputation and to follow its evolution :

  • Know what is saying about the brand
  • Define the action plan and the message to send